Paul Matzner Photography | FACING YOU/FACING ME
Project Statement

We pass people on the street every day without making eye contact or even acknowledging their presence. We are connected to our music, our phones, our technology, but not necessarily to the people around us. I have chosen to share a momentary, public intimacy with those passersby so that I can gaze longer at their faces and value their humanity. We need each other in this world. Awareness of the people around me is the first step toward appreciation of who I am and who they are, whether those relationships remain anonymous, or become more revealing over time.
This is an ongoing project started in 2014.
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Faces of 37th Avenue, Queens, NYCFaces of Melrose Avenue, Los AngelesFaces  of Michigan Avenue, ChicagoFaces of 5th Avenue, Harlem, NYCFaces of           Brady Street, MilwaukeeFaces of Mitchell Street, MilwaukeeFaces of Delancey Street, Manhattan, NYCFaces of Smith Street, Brooklyn, NYCFaces of Devon Avenue, ChicagoFaces of      Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee

Mary Ellen Straughn(non-registered)
Outstanding! I was very moved by these portraits. It's wonderful to see such an honest look at the faces we pass everyday on the street. Keep up the good work!